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Series Director Changes for SWCO Series

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It is with a very mixed feelings that I make the following announcement.  First off, the position of Series Director is a volunteer position (Non Paid) with the USASA Organization.  As such, most all of the Series Directors across the Country have real jobs they do throughout the year, to pay the bills and make ends meet; and we run our Series outside of and in addition to our already busy schedules and work lives. 

That said, earlier this year (end of April) I was laid off of my ‘real’ job..  the one that pays the bills, and allows me to run our incredible Series.  A subsequent job search began right away, but yielded little results in the Durango area..  at least not a job requiring my IT skill sets, and with the pay/benefits etc to allow me to continue running our Series.  I’ll cut to the chase here…. during my job search, an opportunity came up in the Denver area that DID require my skill sets… an opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up. 

I find my self needing to heed my own advice that I would give to any athlete: when an opportunity that you have worked hard for presents itself…  you have to take that opportunity, and make it your own. 

That said, I have accepted the new position in the Denver area, and will be spending the next few months re-locating to that area.  This also means that I will no longer be running the USASA Southwest Colorado Series as Series Director.  I HAVE FOUND two outstanding people who are taking over for me, effective August 1st of this year.

I want to CONGRATULATE Ryan Bono and Brian Bolan on stepping up and taking over our Series as Series Director and Series Co-Director. 

Ryan has worked as Series Director for the last 3 years, and has done an outstanding job in supporting our Series.  He is very familiar with the workings, etc of our Series and has 2 athletes that compete in our Series each season.

Brian Bolan returns as Series Co-Director.  You may remember when I first took over this Series 5 or 6 years ago, it was myself and Brian Bolan that were the SDs.  After a brief hieatous, Brian returns to us as a Series Co-Director.

Lastly, I really want to give my sincerest thanks and can’t express enough the gratitude that I have towards all the parents and athletes that I have met and worked with over the last several years.  I started with USASA in 2009 as a parent of an athlete, and over that time period have had the chance to see many of  the young athletes grow into young adult men and women.  Thanks for letting me be apart of that transformation.  Thank you to the parents as well, for hanging in there with me and the Series as we went through our challenges, hardships, weather, awards etc.  I will always cherish the relationships built with all the different families, coaches, officials and ski areas over the years.

Thanks Sincerely

Rick Lorenz

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