Snowboard Races Cancelled

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Parents and Athletes of the USASA SW Colorado Series: Well it would seem that mother nature has other things in mind for winter this year…  The lack of snow and unseasonably warm weather has produced our first casualty for the season (and hopefully our ONLY casualty!)

Due to a lack of snow, we are unable to safely set gates and panels for snowboard racing.  In addition, the forecast over the next 10 days is not favorable for a LARGE amount of snow… (we’d need about 36″ additional to be able to adequately groom and set gates/panels)..  so….  the USASA SW Colorado Snowboard Giant Slaloms and Slaloms (ALL 6 races) have been CANCELLED for the 2017-2018 Season.

As I’m sure everyone is aware, the snow in our half of the state is WAY below normal.  I do not anticipate we’ll be able to reschedule our races this year.  I am staying in contact with our area resorts to see where we’re at with the rest of the season.  At this time, I do not anticipate any further changes to our schedule.

What does this mean for Nationals?  If you are very interested in qualifying for Nationals in Snowboard Racing this season, I recommend  that you compete in a neighboring Series (as a SW CO Athlete) in their races.  I understand that folks plan their winters out far ahead of time, and your schedule may not allow you to travel to other locations to compete.  That said, I DO plan on requesting some sort of relief for Nationals Qualifications due to our weather and area mountain situations.  There are NO guarantees for Nationals and Snowboard racing.  In addition, there is a bit of a challenge in granting a Nationals invite to an athlete in a discipline the athlete did NOT compete in that season…. especially, if there were other events in that discipline in neighboring Series.   SO..  if you have the opportunity to race in a neighboring Series… go 4 it!  The results will definitely count towards Nationals then… 

Here are some upcoming dates and Series:

Southwest Freeride:
Jan 7th – Slalom & GS
Feb 3rd – Slalom & GS
Feb 25th – Slalom & GS

Grand Canyon Series:
Jan 20th/21st – Slalom & GS
Jan 27th – Slalom & GS

Rocky Mountain Series
Jan 21 – Slalom & GS


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