Additional Event Cancellations

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Parents and Athletes of the USASA SW Colorado Series: Our continued lack of snowpack has caused an undue strain on the ski/snowboard industry in Southwest Colorado. 

Due to a number of issues including a lack of snow, Mountain resources, and availability of terrain parks, I am announcing additional event cancellations for the SW Colorado Series for the 2017-2018 Season. 

The following SLOPESTYLE events have been cancelled and will not be rescheduled for this season:

1/20/2018 – Slopestyle 1 – Powderhorn
1/27/2018 – Slopestyle 2 – Telluride
1/28/2018 – Slopestyle 3 – Telluride

There is a bit of good news here…  THE POWDERHORN RAIL JAMS WILL BE HELD!

Powderhorn does have a good terrain park to host our Rail Jam events on Sunday Jan 21st…  We will hold BOTH Rail Jams that day. Discount Lift tickets will be available for Sat 1/20 and Sun 1/21 so athletes will be able to practice in the park on Sat.  Please sign up ONLINE for the rail Jam events as soon as you can.

I will send out an additional email for the Powderhorn Rail Jams, as soon as I finalize ticket prices.

What does this mean for Nationals?  If you are very interested in qualifying for Nationals, I recommend  that you compete in a neighboring Series (as a SW CO Athlete) in their events.  I understand that folks plan their winters out far ahead of time, and your schedule may not allow you to travel to other locations to compete.  That said, I DO plan on requesting some sort of relief for Nationals Qualifications due to our weather and area mountain situations.  There are NO guarantees for Nationals.  In addition, there is a bit of a challenge in granting a Nationals invite to an athlete in a discipline the athlete did NOT compete in that season…. especially, if there were other events in that discipline in neighboring Series.   SO..  if you have the opportunity to visit in a neighboring Series… go 4 it! 

You can go to the USASA National Website ( to find events at neighboring Series.


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